It’s here. A little less than a year after my first Continue? Animated, we join the NormalBoots gang in a brand new, bubble gum flavoured adventure.

This is amazing. Love it.

rybackdoorsluts9 said: What other celebs do you hope to get on 5x5? You've been doing a great job getting the big names so far :)

It’s a secret.

spirit-t0mb said: can I get a happy birthday pls I had a bad day and I just turned 20

Happy birthday. Hope your day is not bad anymore bc fuck it.


mandopony said: I don't have anything meaningful to ask--I just want to say thank you for consistently creating the most entertaining gaming show on the web. I've never seen an episode that failed to make me laugh. I really appreciate all your hard work. Stay sexy you guys.

Thank you for watching!


donglorde420 said: Ayo, Nick or Josh, my girlfriend hates facial hair and I was wondering if you guys knew a way that I could convince her to let my grow a beard. Also, Paul keep up the good work leading the Continue gang.

Grow it out and let her see for herself the majesty of what a real beard looks, feels, and tastes like.


myanchordontsail said: josh is a cutie



knepsam said: Can Josh give me some advice on being as rad as him?

Never take advice from anyone.


real-manly said: Why does ever post in end in josh?



averaget said: what is one type of fan you hate meeting in public/ what do you hate when people approach you in public?

Ones with Rabies…


solderman64 said: Any chance that Luke Brown or Mike Sadorf would guest on Continue?