Fantasy Fiction 46: Origins and Shields 

Beware the moon… Hallowmoon that is! Join us for tales of origins and shields, along with some Halloween talk to get you in the spooky spirit! 

Cover art by Jacob Stancliff

Moonsday amiright!?

danny-saya said: Hey Josh, what's your favorite fighting game? Mine's Long Term Relationship 2: the joint bank account.

I lol’d. Good job. 


lamsaturn said: Any thoughts on the new Weezer album, Josh?

It’s alright. It sounds a lot like later Kiss which Rivers loves. I don’t know. A great man once said “Sometimes you can’t go home again”. I feel that way about Weezer a lot.


axumng said: Have you ever had an interest in doing art/animation, or something in a similar line of work (making video games, graphic design, etc) ?

Yeah but I’m bad at drawing. I took art in school and always really loved it. Dom told me to watch a doc called “Beauty is Embarrassing” about Wayne White who did a lot of the Pee Wee’s playhouse design. I wish I had known about him when I was more into “doing art”. I really like his I guess attitude? His style? I don;t know what you’d call it. 


tt332432 said: I know you guys get asked this kind of thing daily, but I'll ask anyways- any estimate on when syndication station and continuecast will be returning?



sn0wcrashed said: But if I was to say I regret it... Would it mean a thing?

everytime I think…think about it.

jasiumich said: will you be trick or treating as a browns fan this year?

The Browns are doing great so far. Maybe I’ll go as a Bills fan.


iftadwascool said: Hey Josh. I've been listening to Fantasy Fiction for the past month driving to and from class. Its like a 20 minute drive, thats why its been taking me a while to go through all the episodes. What do you do to get ready to write your stories?(thats a weird looking sentence) Do you take a relaxing bath, Tae Bo, and/or participate in hobo fights?

Tae Bo! Hahaha. I don’t really have a routine. Sometimes I sit and stare a blank screen for a while. That usually happens. I do try and watch or listen to something to get me in the mood. Like Conan or Heavy Metal. I also watch a lot of Mel Brooks and Leslie Neilson to get in the mood. So yeah, Tae Bo.


perfectlycat said: Hey Josh, I'm listening to Syndication Station for the first time and I'm just wondering - what's your favourite season of TNG?

Oooo good question. Its hard to say. They really get good at like season 3. I gotta go with season 5 though. “The Inner Light”, “Cause and Effect”, and “The Next Phase” when Ro and La Forge are basically space ghosts. There are so many good episodes though that could make any one season the best.


keirostarr said: Ever Heard of Kamen Rider? If So, Thoughts and have you seen the latest iteration, Kamen Rider Drive?

I’ve heard of it but never seen it. I was big into Jet Jaguar and Power Rangers of course. Not so much BeetleBorgs.